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Our Objective is to Help Our Clients
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Business owners have many reasons to turn to Kinetic Business Strategies and Karl Lebert. As a Certified Professional Business Coach with an extensive financial and management background, a former business owner and business broker with a passion to help others achieve their dreams, we know how to get results.

Our first goal is to help clarify the challenges holding you back from achieving your dreams for the business. Then, we'll create an atmosphere and develop strategies where you can begin to make the changes necessary to reach them.

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 Our Proven Process, Resources and Experience!

Kinetic Business Strategies was formed to help business owners wanting something more or something better for their business and themselves. We work with business owners that are committed to change and ready to take action to make it happen.  By focusing on improving their "Personal" and "Business" Effectiveness, clients are able to realize significant growth in revenue, profits, cash flow and business value. They are also able to see a better work-life balance.

What can you expect?
  • Over 40 years experience in business ownership & support
  • Proven tools, resources and strategies
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Karl is a member of the Professional Business Coaches Alliance. The PBCA has over 100 of the top business coaches in North America which provides access to other knowledgeable and experienced business coaches that are able to offer insight and support for an array of business situations and industries. So no matter what product or service you offer, Kinetic Business Strategies has access to tools and resources needed to help you be more successful.


Our vision is to be one of the leading business coaching organizations within the East Tennessee community providing measurable value to small business owners and energizing them in the pursuit of their dreams.


Our Mission is to help owners and entrepreneurs energetically and systematically transform their business while achieving a better work-life balance. We are committed to helping clients make the changes necessary to more effectively increase revenue, cash flow and the transferable value of their business so that they can create the business they desire with confidence and peace of mind.

  • Be Professional – Prepare and organize thoroughly for every client encounter
  • Be Present – Actively listen to discover more about a client
  • Be Thoughtful – Respond only after careful consideration
  • Be Appreciative – Support and encourage client's efforts and dreams for the future
  • Be Competent – Provide proficient, capable and expert coaching to client
  • Be Dynamic – Pursue client success with enthusiasm, energy and passion
  • Be Innovative – Help clients look at challenges from a new perspective
  • Be Communicative - Leave clients with no unanswered questions
  • Be Accountable – Timely fulfill every commitment and promise to a client
  • Have Integrity – Deal openly, honestly and transparently with clients and others

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